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Call for Papers, APA 2014

Virgil Commentaries:  La Cerda to Horsfall Organizer:  Richard Thomas Sponsored by the Vergilian Society In his 2012 commentary on Aeneid 12 Richard Tarrant notes that La Cerda’s 1642 Virgil commentary has, particularly since it has become available online, been recognized “as a work of an engaged and often acute interpreter.” If La Cerda’s work may […]

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McKay Book Prize, 2013

McKay Book Prize             The Vergilian Society is pleased to announce that the 2012 McKay Book Prize has been won by David Scott Wilson-Okamura, for his Virgil in the Renaissance (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010). For many years, people have noted that Virgil played a fundamental role in the development of Renaissance culture, but that […]

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