Roman Otium on the Bay of Naples: A Study Tour for Teachers

Dates: July 1 – 12, 2020

Directors: Keely Lake & Jennifer Sheridan Moss, Wayne State University 

Leisure was an important part of life for the Roman elite, as we know, but a certain amount of leisure time was an expectation for the lower classes as well. This tour, designed for K-12 teachers but open to all, will explore the connections between our remaining literary and archaeological evidence concerning otium in an area that the Romans themselves considered a leisure paradise, the Bay of Naples.

The tour will focus on expanding teachers knowledge of Roman culture in a way that will enhance their instruction. Readings will come from less popular authors; exposure to these writers (primarily silver age) will expand the canon from which teachers can draw lessons for their students (sight reading is an important part of the Latin AP, for just one example). Teachers of all pedagogical approaches (G/T, RM, CI) are welcome, as we hope to emphasize the setting and the literature and ask the teachers to consider ways to fit it into their existing curriculum and pedagogies.

July 1: Depart for Villa with stop at Sperlonga for Villa of Tiberius

July 2: Pompeii

July 3: morning session at the Villa – Apicius; modern vineyard

July 4: Cuma & Capua

July 5: Pozzuoli; Capri

July 6: Capri

July 7: Capri; afternoon session at the Villa

July 8: Domus Pollio Felice; lunch in Naples, then the Naples Museum

July 9: Stabiae, Oplontis, & Boscoreale

July 10: morning session at the Villa; Herculaneum and Villa of the Papiri

July 11: Pausilypon; Baia – beach stop

July 12: Return to Rome

Jennifer Sheridan Moss, PhD, is an associate professor of Classics at Wayne State University and the Chief Reader for the Latin AP exam. At Wayne State, Moss teaches Latin at every level as well as Roman history and a course on Cleopatra. She is a former student at the American Academy in Rome and taught at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. Her teaching excellence has been recognized at Wayne State, where she an inaugural member of the Academy of Teachers, and she has won both college and university teaching awards. She is also a winner of the SCS Award for Excellence in Teaching at the College Level.

Keely Lake, Ph.D., has taught Latin, Greek, and Classical Civilization courses at the secondary and post-secondary levels since 1995. She has served on committees for the ACL, the SCS, CAMWS, the NLE, ACTFL, and the Vergilian Society. She has been a Reader and Table Leader, a Workshop Consultant, and the College Board Advisor the AP Latin Development Committee; she has contributed to several College Board Publications for AP Latin. She is also the 2019 Distinguished Language Educator for the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers.

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