Past Symposia

Symposium Cumanum 2023: Virgil and the Roman Republic.

Symposium Campanum 2022: Gender, Money, and Society in the Roman World ~ Schedule

Symposium Cumanum 2022 – Dido Unbound: the Queen of Carthage before, in, and after Vergil

Symposium Cumanum 2021 – Identity in Vergil: Ancient Representations, Global Receptions

Symposium Campanum 2020The Spectacle of Everyday Life: Sport and Spectacula in Roman Social Practice and Material Culture (Note: This symposium was postponed and will be held online in 2021) Schedule

Symposium Cumanum 2020 – Generic Interplay in and After Vergil (Note: This symposium was held online in June 2020)

Symposium Campanum 2019 – Reading the City: Inscriptions of the Bay of Naples Call for Papers

Symposium Cumanum 2019 – Vergil and the Feminine

Symposium Campanum 2019 – Women on the Bay of Naples: Recent Research

Symposium Campanum 2018 ~ Call for Papers

Symposium Cumanum 2018Rerum cognoscere causas: Vergil and Didactic Literature

Symposium Campanum 2017 ~ Call for Papers
    Symposium Campanum 2017 Abstract Acceptances

Symposium Cumanum 2017 – Vergil and Elegy

Symposium Campanum 2016 ~ Call for Papers
     Website for the 2016 Symposium:

Symposium Cumanum 2016 – Music in the time of Vergil

Symposium 2015 – Revisiting Vergil and Roman Religion

Symposium 2014 – Vergil’s Translators

Symposium 2013Aeneid Six and its Cultural Reception

Symposium 2012 – Diana, Artemis and Related Cults in Ancient Greece and Italy

Symposium 2011Et in Arcadia Ego: Landscapes of the Early Roman Empire

Symposium 2010 – From Aetas Aurea to Domus Aurea: Roman Life, Literature, and Art under the Julio-Claudian Emperors

Symposium 2009 – Poetry or Propaganda: What Was Vergil’s Purpose in Writing the Aeneid?

Symposium 2008Diversa exsilia et desertas quaerere terras (Aen. 3.4): Greeks in Rome and Romans in Greece

Symposium 2007 – Early Latin Comedy and Satire in Magna Graecia and Rome

Symposium 2006 – The Vergilian Tradition: Manuscripts, Texts and Reception

Symposium 2005 – Early Latin Comedy and Satire in Magna Graecia and Rome

Symposium 2004 – Interactions of Indigenous and Foreign Cults in Magna Graecia

Symposium 2003 – The Etruscan Presence in Magna Graecia

Symposium 2002 – The Cults of Magna Graecia

Symposium 2001 – The Art of Healing in Antiquity

Symposium 2000 – Vergil and Philodemus

Symposium 1999 – The Samnites in Campania

Symposium 1998 – Viticulture in the Ancient Mediterranean World: The Archaeological, Epigraphical, and Literary Evidence

Symposium 1997 – Flavian Poets, Artists, Architects & Engineers in The Campi Phlegraei

1996 – No symposium held

Symposium 1995 – The Cultural Response to the Volcanic Landscape Symposium

Symposium Publications