Roman Otium Preliminary Itinerary/Readings

July 4: Participants arrive; depart for Villa with stop at Sperlonga for Villa of Tiberius
July 5: Pompeii
July 6: morning session at the Villa - Apicius; modern vineyard and/or olive oil press
July 7: Cuma & Capua
July 8: Baiae; CAPRI
July 9: CAPRI
July 10: CAPRI; Domus Pollio Felice
July 11: morning session at the Villa; lunch in Naples, then the Naples Museum
July 12: Stabiae, Oplontis, & Boscoreale
July 13: morning session at the Villa; Herculaneum and Villa of the Papiri
July 14: Pausilypon; Pozzuoli - beach stop
July 15: Return to Rome