Scholarship application

otium 2023 Pompeii
Vergilian Society scholarships are available for Society members who teach some form of classical languages or civilization at the elementary or secondary level as well as those who teach at the college level in an instructor or adjunct position. VS scholarships may provide full or partial tuition support. Applications from those at the adjunct level are particularly encouraged.

Additional scholarship opportunities are available.

Scholarship applications for the 2024 Tours are due by March 15, 2024.

Please fill out a tour application and return it with the scholarship application, even if your participation is contingent on the scholarship.




    Numbers of years as a member of the Vergilian Society.

    Tour for which you are applying.

    Former Vergilian Society programs in which you have been involved and any Vergilian Society scholarships previously received.

    Your educational background.

    Your teaching experience. Please be specific in regards to the percentage of your experience that could be considered related to Classics.

    Awards, citations, presentations, your involvement in the wider school community, extra-curriculars, especially as they showcase your involvement in Classics (if you have been an officer or served on a committee of an organization, please specify title and duration of service).

    Past experience abroad.

    Other sources of funding. Since scholarships cover tuition only and sometimes only in part, please indicate other sources of funding you are applying for (and when you will find out the results of the application) or have at your disposal for the trip.

    A paragraph describing why you want to participate on this tour, what you hope to get from it, and the extent to which it could be helpful in your teaching. Don't be afraid to answer that it is just good background and experience for a teacher of the classical world.

    How you plan to share your experience with the Vergilian Society with the classicists and teachers of the classical world in your region.