Symposia at the villa Vergiliana

Symposium Cumanum 2023 day 2 dinner

The Vergilian Society hosts two symposia each year, which take place at Harry Wilks Study Center at the Villa Vergiliana in Cuma, Italy in late June and October.

The Symposium Cumanum held in June focuses on topics related to Vergil and his times. The Symposium Vesuvianum, held every October, focuses on any aspect of the history, archaeology, art and architecture, and geology of Italy and Sicily from remotest antiquity to the Renaissance.

As international meetings, our symposia attract participants from all over the world, but since the Vergilian Society is an Italian-American cultural association, we are especially interested in seeing solid participation from scholars in these two countries.

Informal inquiries about proposing future symposia topics may be addressed to the President of the Vergilian Society, Lily Panoussi (vxpano at wm dot edu).