2024 Roman Britain Itinerary and Payment Options

Day 0, Mon July 8 participants depart the US.
Day 1, Tue July 9 participants arrive in London and make their way (there is a direct bus from Heathrow) to St Albans, ancient Verulamium north of London. For those who arrive in time there will be a visit to St Albans Abbey, where Matthew Paris wrote his chronicle. Welcome dinner.
Day 2, Wed July 10 the Roman remains of Verulamium, including a theater  (Britain’s best), walls, and an excellent museum. Plenty of time for latecomers to see the Abbey. Second overnight in St Albans.
Day 3, Thu, July 11 on to Lincoln (ancient Lindum), once home to Legion IX, and later to Roman veterans. We trace the town, including an arch and remains of walls, and see Lincoln cathedral, one of the finest medieval churches of England. Overnight Lincoln.
Day 4, Fri , July 12 morning in Lincoln, with visit to the antiquities museum; on to York, ancient Eburacum, long a legionary fortress. Its support town was eventually elevated to colony status. Hadrian spent time here, Septimius Severus died here as did Constantius, and Constantine here was first acclaimed emperor.  We trace the ancient streets of the legionary fortress. First of two overnights, York.
Day 5, Sat, July 13 in York. We walk the Roman walls,  visit  the Yorkshire museum, with a major Roman collection, and tour York Minster, with vestiges of the fortress headquarters beneath. Second overnight, York.
Day 6, Sun July 14 morning train to Newcastle on Tyne. Visit to the Great Northern Museum of Antiquities, with the most important collection of finds from Hadrian’s wall, and (by metro) the Roman fort of Arbeia at South Shields, with another fine museum and a reconstructed gate and officer’s house. Overnight Newcastle.
Day 7, Mon July 15 on to Hexham from which we see Corbridge (Corstopitum) a fort in the time of Agricola which developed into a town, with remains of streets, granaries, and workshops plus a visit to Hexham Abbey for those interested. First of two nights in Hexham.
Day 8, Tue July 16 all day along Hadrian’s Wall. Early risers will have an opportunity to walk along the wall for a couple of hours. Morning visit to Chesters (Cilurnum) cavalry fort or Housestead (Vercovicium), the best preserved infantry fort (your choice). In the afternoon we all see Vindolanda (Chesterholm), a fort and support town famous for the unique Vindolanda letters and a good site  museum.
Day 9, Wed July 17 by train from Hexham to Gloucester, a Roman legionary fortress turned veteran colonia. first of four overnights in Gloucester.
Day 10, Thu July 18 day in Gloucester (Glevum), where we seek out the remains of the Roman fortress, and visit the history museum and Glouceser cathedral where Edward II is buried.
Day 11, Fri July 19 day trip to Bath, Roman Aquae Sulis, where the Romans took the waters. We visit the Roman Baths and Museum, with remains from the temple of Sulis Minerva. There will be time to stroll the picturesque town with its elegant eighteenth century architecture, and some may wish to reserve on line on their own pence an afternoon visit to the Fashion Museum or the Jane Austen Center.
Day 12, Sat July 20 day trip to the lovely town of Cirencester,  ancient Corinium, built of pale Cotswold stone. Roman elements include an amphitheater and a museum with wonderful mosaics.  Farewell dinner. Last overnight in Gloucester.
Sun July 21 Departure day. Program ends after breakfast. There are currently direct buses  from Gloucester direct to Heathrow airport (a 2 and ½ hour trip, check and reserve on National Express through Busbud), but if you haven’t seen London you will want to spend a few extra days there before or after program, at least to see the British Museum, the City of London Museum with many Roman artifacts, and the London Mithraeum. Or choose beautiful Salisbury and Stonehenge.

Payment Options

  1. Checks made out to the Vergilian Society can be mailed to the secretary (POB address at bottom of page).
  2. Payments can be submitted via Paypal (with additional surcharge) below.
Roman Britain – Deposit: $750 + $15 surcharge
Roman Britain Full Payment (incl. deposit): $3095 + $62 surcharge
Roman Britain Final Payment: $2345 + $47 surcharge
Roman Britain Single Supplement: $450 + $9 surcharge