Call for Papers: Symposium Campanum 2017

Recent Work in Vesuvian Lands:
New Projects, Practices, and Approaches
October 5-8, 2017

Director: Steven L. Tuck, Miami University

The Vergilian Society invites proposals for papers for the 2017 Symposium Campanum at the Villa Vergiliana in Cuma, Italy.

This symposium is an opportunity for scholars to present papers on recent scholarship on Pompeii and Vesuvian lands. Our notion for the symposium is informed by three major premises, which we expect to be the major themes for the three days for the conference:

  1. The uniqueness of the evidence that Pompeii provides about the ancient world. In addition to addressing this at Pompeii itself we hope some papers will extrapolate outward from that evidence to explore what the Pompeian evidence reveals about the larger ancient, especially Roman, world with a conscious awareness of the extrapolation that takes place.
  2. An emphasis on contextualizing evidence both within Pompeii and without rather than presenting material in a vacuum or in isolation. We encourage scholars to submit proposals for synthetic papers that explore more than one type of evidence or explore under-considered implications for Vesuvian material.
  3. We particularly wish to encourage abstracts from under-covered areas that can provide a holistic view of Vesuvian material: comparatively more on areas outside Pompeii such as extramural villas, industrial complexes, and rural life.

Papers will be 20 minutes long with ample time for discussion. Ideally we would like to circulate drafts prior to the symposium to facilitate dialogue. The symposium will include three days of papers, discussion, and visits to Vesuvian sites.

Interested scholars should send inquiries or an abstract of no more than 300 words to by December 1, 2016. (Please note new date.)