Capital Campaign

In 2017 we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Vergilian Society and launch our first ever Capital Campaign. As we reflect upon the Society’s considerable accomplishments over this period, we are heartened by all that you and other members have made possible. Since our founding in 1937 with Amedeo Maiuri as President we have achieved far more than could have been imagined. We have created the Alexander McKay book prize, a secondary school exchange program, a translation contest, our annual symposia along with annual panels at CAMWS and the SCS, our study tours, done extensive repair (2008-2011) to the Villa and subsequently renamed it the Harry Wilks Study Center, and enhanced the role of Vergilius as an important international outlet for scholarship.

With your help in this momentous year, we can do even more.

Your generous gift now is critical to the continuation of our present ambitious programs and initiatives that you value.

At the moment we are seeing increased occupancy at the Harry Wilks Study Center by high school and university groups. We have increased outreach to Classics, archaeology, music, art, architecture, and geology groups, touting the benefit of using the Wilks Center as their base in Italy. But to keep the Center attractive for these groups, upgrades are necessary. Specifically, we need donations to enhance and modernize these areas:   

  • Ceiling mounted digital projector/screen for the salon
  • WiFi upgrade for the entire facility
  • Furniture for the garden, roof terrace, upstairs sitting room, and common areas
  • New bedroom furnishings: chests of drawers, mattresses, linens and towels

These improvements will benefit the Society’s programs as well as the experiences of teachers, students, and academics who come to study at the Villa. We aim in the coming decades to maintain the low cost for our academic visitors while improving the quality of their experience.

Donations can be made through the button below. The Vergilian Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Note that donations made prior to April 15, 2017 may be assignable to the 2016 tax year.

Your financial support has an immediate and direct impact on all the vital work of the Society.

With sincere thanks for your support, which we value at any level!


Vergilian Society Capital Campaign: