Student Exchange Grant Competition 2013

The Vergilian Society congratulates three teachers who will be bringing secondary school students through the Harry Wilks Study Center at the Villa Vergiliana in the year to come. Two teachers, Mary Jo Behrensmeyer (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) and Valerie Gemskie (Chicago, Illinois) are leading public school groups, and many of these students qualify as disadvantaged.  Harry Wilks, the benefactor of the award, particularly desires helping secondary students in need, and he himself sponsored a group from Hamilton, Ohio, in 2012.  A third grant went to Dr. Sean Lake at the Tampa Preparatory School, a private school in Florida. There were a large number of excellent applications; the winners had shared cogent pedagogical outlines for their trips and promising plans for raising the rest of the money money for their budgets.  Please expect fuller reports on each winner will appear in the Spring Sortes.  Thanks to every single one of our worthy applicants — we hope you will be encouraged to reapply. Congratulations again to Behrensmeyer, Gemskie and Lake!