Roman Provence


Dec 27, 2013-Jan 4, 2014 or Dec 24, 2013-Jan 4, 2014

Directed by Beverly Berg (

Two options, please choose either SHORT VERSION Dec 27, 2013-Jan 4, 2014, or LONG VERSION, Dec 24, 2013-Jan 4, 2014

Provence was early and thoroughly Romanized, and offers many spectacular Roman remains, including the Pont du Gard, the theater and arch in Orange, and the Maison Caree in Nimes. You may choose either the short version (SV), covering the major sites in Provence, or the long version (LV) which prefaces the short version with visits to Autun, an utterly charming city with the most extensive group of ruins in Burgundy, and the Roman colony of Vienne. Warning! The director has spent two Januaries in Provence and experienced excellent weather (not guaranteed, naturally), sunny although occasionally crisp. Long Johns advised. The program uses largely public transportation, so participants will need to be hardy travellers and good walkers. The bargain Long Version extension uses decent but economical hotels in Autun and Vienne. Please see below for payment deadlines and how to contact the director.


LV: 2 nights Autun, 1 Vienne, 3 Orange, 2 Avignon, 3 Arles.
SV: 3 nights Orange, 2 Avignon, 3 Arles.

Mon Dec 23

On this day (or before) LV (long version) participants should depart the U.S. for France, landing in Paris or Marseille. The train from Paris to Autun is a shorter ride than from Marseille, but it may be more economical to fly in and out of the same airport, Marseille, and in Marseille the train for Autun can be boarded at the airport itself.

Tue Dec 24

LV participants, having arrived in France, take train to charming Autun in Burgundy, where their program begins. Director will help check them into the hotel, which is visible from the train station.

Wed Dec 25

LV participants enjoy a walking tour of Autun with its scatter of unenclosed Roman ruins, and visit the beautiful 12th century cathedral with its famous tympanum sculpture of the Last Judgment. For the unweary there is a hike to a local waterfall.

Thu Dec 26

In the morning LV participants in Autun view Roman remains in the Musee Roland, and see carved medieval capitals up close in the cathedral museum. In the afternoon they set out on Agrippa’s Way via train (fare included) for the Roman colony of Vienne. Overnight in Vienne.
On this day SV (short version) participants, having enjoyed Christmas day at home, depart for France.

Fri Dec 27

LV participants will visit the Roman remains of Vienne, including a theater and a well-preserved temple to Augustus and Livia, and board an afternoon train fare incuded) from Vienne to Orange.
Meanwhile SV participants arrive at Marseille airport and take train to Orange, where the director will meet them and their program begins.

Sat Dec 28

Visit the theater of Orange, the arch with its well-known sculpture, and the historical museum, where a marble land tenure map from Roman times is on display.

Sun Dec 29

Short train (or public bus)ride from Orange to Avignon. Walking tour of Avignon includes the Palace of the Popes, the archaeological museum and, for those interested, a museum of European painting (Petit Palais). Return to Orange.

Mon Dec 30

Day trip by local bus from Orange to the well-preserved Roman town of Vaison-la-Romaine, with its well preserved and elegant ancient houses. Evening train (or bus) to Avignon.

Tue Dec 31

Day trip by local bus to charming St. Remy, the Roman monuments known as Les Antiques, and the remains of the Roman town of Glanum. Second overnight in Avignon.

Wed Jan 1

Short train ride from Avignon to Arles, walking tour of Arles and its many Roman monuments, including the evocative late Roman cemetery of Les Alyscamps. First overnight in Arles.

Thu Jan 2

Day trip by hired bus from Arles to see the renowned Roman aqueduct of Pont du Gard and the city of Nimes with its Roman remains, including the Maison Caree and the temple of Diana.

Fri Jan 3

In Arles, visit the spectacular Museum of Antiquities, and the Roman theater and amphitheater. Last overnight in Arles, but some may opt to take an evening train to Marseille if they have an early flight out on Saturday. Hotel in Arles is included, but not in Marseille.

Sat Jan 4

The program officially ends after breakfast in Arles. Participants make their way by train (fare not included) to Marseille airport.


Long Version: $1895, single supplement of $300.
Short Version, $1595, single supplement of $250.

Price does not include lunches and dinners. All hotels, breakfasts, entry fees are included as is all transportation beginning in Autun for LV (Orange for SV) and ending in Arles.

Deadline for the $750 deposit is due Sept. 30; the balance is due Oct. 30. Participants should please contact the director at as soon as they know of their interest.