2022 Tours and Workshops

Director: Raymond Capra (Queens College, The City University of New York)
June 17 – 30, 2022

This tour will explore the edge of the Ocean, the end of the world in Classical thought. Portugal in antiquity was a mixture of native Iberians, successive waves of Iron Age Gallic immigrants, Phoenician traders, Carthaginian and Roman troops. The historical imprint and interrelationships of these cultures will be explored on this tour. The extensive coastline of Portugal forged a maritime people with a far-ranging vision. Highlights include the Roman ruins of Italica near Sevilla and the equally impressive ruins of Conímbriga near Coimbra. The long and complex history of this country spans into the medieval and colonial periods as well. Cost for the tour is $2500, which includes hotel stay, daily breakfast and lunches, and two dinners.

Terrae Fabulosae – Adventures in Tattle-Telling Landscapes
Directors: Gina Soter (University of Michigan) and Karla Herndon (Independent Scholar)
June 19 – 30, 2022

The land tells the story. In this tour we will voyage to stunning, odd, and terrifying landscapes that, throughout the ages, have spoken provocatively to the artist in every one of us. Taking Vergil and Ovid as our guides, we will explore landscapes bucolic and epic and meet the mythical characters that inhabit them. We begin in Sicily, an alluring land that has attracted an unbroken series of foreign powers seeking to tame it. Parthenope, or Naples, will be our second port of call. See itinerary for specific destinations on our journey. Open to all who are Latin Poetry curious. Cost for the tour is $2900. Single supplement: $400. Cost includes hotel stays, bus and ferry travel within and between Sicily and Naples, all entry fees, daily breakfasts, 7 dinners. An optional, 2-day, no-host extension to Rome is offered.

Director: Beverly Berg
June 29 – July 12 or July 14, 2022

Conquered by Trajan, the province of Dacia was so intensely transformed by Rome that Romanians to this day speak a Latin-derived language. Our visits include the remains of two ancient Greek settlements on the Black Sea, three cities founded under the auspices of Trajan, two Roman legionary fortress towns, the cult center of Decebalus, Trajan’s opponent, two of Romania’s most picturesque towns, and two romantic castles. Two of our days will be spent across the Danube in Bulgaria, and there is an extra two day option in Budapest, recommended for all except those who have previously visited Budapest.  Cost for the tour is $2695 (13-day version) or $2895 (15-day version). Single supplement: $400. Cost includes hotels, transportation on program, breakfasts, lunches, and 2 dinners.