Dates: June 17 - June 30, 2022

Director: Raymond Capra (Queens College, The City University of New York)

This tour will explore the edge of the Ocean, the end of the world in Classical thought. Portugal in antiquity was a mixture of native Iberians, successive waves of Iron Age Gallic immigrants, Phoenician traders, Carthaginian and Roman troops. The historical imprint and interrelationships of these cultures will be explored on this tour. The extensive coastline of Portugal forged a maritime people with a far-ranging vision. Highlights include the Roman ruins of Italica near Sevilla and the equally impressive ruins of Conímbriga near Coimbra. The long and complex history of this country spans into the medieval and colonial periods as well.

The cost of this tour is $2500 ($325 single supplement), which includes all hotels, all breakfasts and lunches, and two dinners.

Scholarships are available.

Day 1 - June 17 (Fri.)
Arrival in Sevilla, Spain
Visit Italica in the afternoon
Stay in Sevilla

Day 2 - June 18 (Sat.)
Bus to Faro
Visit Villa Cerro da Vila, Castel of Padarne, beach
Welcome dinner
Stay in Faro

Day 3 - June 19 (Sun.)
Roman ruins of Milreu
Visit Roman ruins of São Cucufate
Visit Roman ruins of Pisões
Stay in Beja

Day 4 - June 20 (Mon.)
Visit Évora: temple, museum, cathedral, chapel of Bones (St. Francis)
Stay in Évora

Day 5 - June 21 (Tues.)
Visit Cromlech of the Almendres
Great Dolmen of Zambujeiro
Roman ruins of Creiro
Archaeological site of Senhor dos Mártires
Castro of Chibanes
Visit Roman villas and casas (west of Lisbon)
Stay in Lisbon

Day 6 - June 22 (Wed.)
Visit Museum of Archaeology and city
Stay in Lisbon

Day 7 - June 23 (Thurs.)
Visit dam of Roman Dam of Belas
Roman villa of Almoinhas
Museum of Loures
Roman villa of Frielas
Stay in Lisbon

Day 8 - June 24 (Fri.)
Drive to Roman ruins of Villa Cardillio, then to Conímbriga
Stay in Coimbra

Day 9 - June 25 (Sat.)
Coimbra museum
Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra
Stay in Coimbra

Day 10 - June 26 (Sun.)
Drive to Bobadella, visit city and then Carmulo museum
Then to Braga, visit Citânia de Briteiros
Stay in Braga

Day 11 - June 27 (Mon.)
City of Braga and Museum
Stay in Braga

Day 12 - June 28 (Tues.)
City of Chaves
Travel to Porto
Stay in Porto

Day 13 - June 29 (Wed.)
City of Porto
Farewell Dinner

Day 14 - June 30 (Thurs.)
Departure day from Porto