2023 Belgium Tour Itinerary

June 27 Tue Amsterdam (beginning of tour, meet at hotel, The Allard Pierson Museum, the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam)
Hotel in Amsterdam
June 28 Wed Bus to Utrecht for city visit (Roman fort museum and park)
Visit to Roman Fort of Fectio
Hotel in Antwerp with welcome dinner
June 29 Thur Visit Antwerp
Hotel in Antwerp
June 30 Fri travel to Ghent
Visit Ghent
Hotel in Ghent
July 1 Sat Visit Bruges
Museum and Architecture
Hotel in Bruges
July 2 Sun Visit Bruges
Museums and medieval buildings
Hotel in Bruges
July 3 Mon Day on the coast in De Haan
Hotel in De Haan (or in Brussels or Bruges)
July 4 Tues Brussels museums of history and art
Coudenberg Underground Palace Ruins
Hotel in Brussels
July 5 Wed Bruxela 1238 (underground medieval archaeological site)
Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts
Hotel in Brussels
July 6 Thurs Villers Abby ruins on the way to Tongeren
Tongeren Gallo-Roman museum, Teseum, Cathedral, and bits in town
Hotel in Tongeren
July 7 Fri Virton (town), Archaeological Park of Montauban in Buzenol near the French Border, Le musée lapidaire and Montquintin Castle
Hotel in Metz, France
July 8 Sat Metz  City and Roman archaeology
Hotel in Metz
July 9 Sun To Luxembourg City for visit
National Museum of History and Art (Nationalmusée fir Geschicht a Konscht, (MNHA)  Hotel in Brussels
July 10 Mon Brussels
City walk, Museum of the National Bank of Belgium or Halle Gate
lunch, free afternoon, and farewell dinner
July 11 Tues Departure to USA or places beyond