Crete Itinerary

Dec 27, 2023- Jan 4, 2024 (departure Jan 5) directed by Beverly Berg

Teachers who must return to classroom on Jan 2 please consult director at Bevery Berg for a possible alternative schedule for Crete, Dec. 23-31

Day 0
Tue, Dec 26
Participants depart from the US.
Day 1
Wed, Dec 27
Participants arrive in Herakleion, Crete and take public bus (frequent) from airport to Ayios Nikolaos, where they are met by director. Walking tour of the pretty town on lake and sea, welcome dinner.
Day 2
Thu, Dec 28
We explore the archaeological site of Mallia, the simplest of the major Minoan palaces, excavated by the French. The site includes the Middle Minoan quartier mu complex. Afternoon visit to the archaeological museum of Ayios Nikolaos. Second overnight Ayios Nikolaos.
Day 3
Fri, Dec 29
Excursion to Gournia, excavated by American Harriet Boyd Hawes, the best example of a Bronze Age town. Afternoon arrival at our hotel in Herakleion for the first of three nights. There should be some time for a preliminary walking tour of the Venetian and Byzantine highlights of Herakleion. First of three overnights in Herakleion.
Day 4
Sat, Dec 30
Day trip to Phaistos, overlooking the southern sea, perhaps the loveliest and most comprehensible of the Minoan palaces, and the Minoan villa of Ayia Triada with its adjacent ancient town.
Day 5
Sun, Dec 31
We visit the archaeological site of Knossos, the largest and most spectacular of the Minoan palaces, excavated and partially restored by pioneer archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. Afternoon visit to the icon museum at St. Catherine's. Third overnight in Herakleion.
Day 6
Mon Jan 1
To Khania, and first walking tour of this most authentic of Crete's cities, with its Venetian and Turkish era remains. First overnight in Khania.
Day 7
Tue Jan 2
We visit the archaeological museum of Khania in its new location, with the famous Master seal impression, and discover the remains of the Minoan town among Khania's streets. Those interested will choose either the Maritime or the Folk Museum. Last overnight in Khania.
Day 8
Wed Jan 3
Return to Herakleion, and visit the fine historical museum there. Overnight Herakleion.
Day 9
Thu Jan 4
Finally we see the outstanding archaeological museum of Herakleion, with Minoan finds from all over Crete, including the enchanting frescoes, and the precious objects from the palace of Zakros and others. Afternoon exploring the Venetian and Byzantine highlights of Herakleion. Farewell dinner.
Day 10
Fri Jan 5
Frequent local buses to airport. The director plans to continue on to Rhodes for at least 4 days and welcomes participants to join her on an informal basis. We will plan to devote Saturday and Sunday to the wonderful archaeological museum of Rhodes and the ancient site of Lindos where Athena was worshipped. No charge, just pay your own expenses and make your own flight and hotel reservations. Advice freely given. There is always plenty to see and do in Rhodes but no guarantee in Rhodes against unexpected closures due to covid or Epiphany (Jan 6).

Participants should contact the director at Beverly Berg as soon as they know of their interest.