2024 Cultural Landscapes on the Ancient Bay of Naples Itinerary and Payment Options

July 7 Sun Assemble in Rome, Depart for Cumae by way of:
Terracina (“Jupiter Anxur” Sanctuary: Sabine deity, Roman cult-&-concrete, & the Queen of Roman Roads: the Via Appia)
Sperlonga (Villa & Grotto of Tiberius: Greek culture in a Roman context)
Minturnae, Roman colony
July 8 Mon Cumae, Greek colony, bulwark against the Etruscans, Roman city (Acropolis: temples, “Sibyl’s Grotto”: Greek religion, Vergil’s poetry, amphitheater)
Lake Avernus (from underworld to naval base)
Optional extension to Salvatore Martusciello winery
July 9 Tue Pompeii: Etruscan, Samnite and Roman city. public life (Forum, theaters, baths, shops, temples), and private (housing for rich & poor, in town, & “suburbia”)
July 10 Wed morning: Tomb of Vergil, grotto and aqueduct, Naples OR villa of Pausilypon
pizza lunch in Naples
afternoon: Naples (Archaeological Museum: material from Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Campania)
July 11 Thur Capri (Villa Jovis: Emperor Tiberius in ultimate retreat; and optional excursions: Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele, Monte Solaro chairlift…)
July 12 Fri Capri (at leisure on the island; late-day return to The Harry Wilks Study Center at the Villa Vergiliana)
July 13 Sat Capua (Museum, Amphitheater, Mithraeum: Etruscan metropolis, Samnite conquest, prosperous Romans, introduction of Near Eastern religion)
Caserta (the Reggia: a Neapolitan Versailles, the reception of Classical culture)
July 14 Sun Beneventum (Arch of Trajan: Roman power & colonization intrude upon Samnite Italy)
Saepinum (the rural domain: tending the cattle and sheep, in a quaint & tidy Roman town)
July 15 Mon Herculaneum (Greek colony, Roman city)
Mt. Vesuvius (ascent by bus & foot)
July 16 Tue Pozzuoli (Puteoli: Macellum, Harbor, Amphitheater: Roman boom times)
Solfatara (the living geology of the “Phlegraean Fields”)
Baiae, site and museum of the Campi Flegrei
July 17 Wed Paestum (Poseidonia: mighty Greek temples, Lucanian tomb paintings, Roman town planning)
Optional excursion to mozzarella farm
July 18 Thu Boscoreale (Villa Regina: Roman farming, vine-tending)
Oplontis (Torre Annunziata: housing for an empress?)
Stabiae (villas on the heights above the Bay)
Limoncello stop
July 19 Fri Depart for Rome, stop at Aquino or Temple Theater of Mount San Nicola in Pietravairano en route

Payment Options

  1. Checks made out to the Vergilian Society can be mailed to the secretary (POB address at bottom of page).
  2. Payments can be submitted via Paypal (with additional surcharge) below.
Cultural Landscapes – Deposit: $750 + $15 surcharge
Cultural Landscapes Full Payment (incl. deposit): $3200 + $64 surcharge
Cultural Landscapes Final Payment: $2450 + $49 surcharge
Cultural Landscapes Single Supplement: $400 + $8 surcharge