Vergilian Society panel at the 2018 meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in Boston

Saturday January 6, 2018 1:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Session 51: Dido in and after Vergil (Organized by the Vergilian Society)

James J. O’Hara (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Introduction

1.     Robin N. Mitchell-Boyask (Temple University) “Deianeirian Dido”

2.     Elena Giusti (Cambridge University) “Dido in the light of Livy”

3.     Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne (High Point University) “Dido Docta: A Scholarly Revision of Aeneid 4 in the Historica Apollonii Regis Tyri

4.     Christopher Nappa (University of Minnesota) “The Lamentations of Dido: Genre, Gender, and Character in Two Medieval Poems”

5.     Barbara Leigh Clayton (Stanford University) “From Epic to Opera to Dance and Back: Mark Morris Dances Dido”

6.     Lissa Crofton-Sleigh (Santa Clara University) “Heavy Metal Dido: Heimdall’s ‘Ballad of the Queen’”

Sarah Spence (Medieval Academy of America) Response