Read the 2022 Letter of Gratitude from Leon Hermann at Staring College.

“Completing assignments such as the filming project in Herculaneum or the production of our fresco’s (regardless of artistic confidence) has required us to ‘step out of our comfort zones’, helping me to understand how my students can sometimes feel.” ~ Allison Merrington

“It might be hard to contain the experience in only a short review, but I hope I will be able to express my gratitude and admiration to the organisation that has made this trip possible.” ~ Daan van Loon

“Although I was admittedly daunted by the prospect of the group tasks, they were incredibly valuable at immersing us in the culture and fostering  cooperationwithin the group. Any shyness quickly evaporates when you’re tasked with acting out running from an erupting Vesuvius, believe me! I would definitely adopt similar tasks if I were to organise my own trip” ~ Adrian Mc Mahon

“At the end of the trip I’d like to thank with all my heart Leon and his very kind ‘assistants’ Merel, Otto and Wietse and of course the Vergilian Society of America for offering me this unique chance. It will certainly not be the last time I came to Campania!” ~ Geert Buttiens

“Although very excited, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I departed for Campania. However, I had an amazing trip and my time at the Villa Vergiliana will undoubtedly influence my future teaching in a variety of ways.” ~ Lottie Mortimer

“Staying at the Villa Vergiliana has made this trip a completely immersive experience of culture. It is situated in a tranquil location where there is evidence of past Roman life at every turn, such as the garden which is currently being excavated. For me, this was essential in complementing the sites we visited as it consistently provided us with a more traditional experience and a better understanding of the rural life of the Romans.” ~ Beth Ewen

“The trip made me come out of my comfort zone- writing poetry or painting frescoes, as I originally imagined, were just a means of learning how to teach my pupils and to make the learning of the Classical world more enjoyable for children of different abilities and inclinations. However, I noticed that although I am willing to give children the chance to experiment and build their confidence on a daily basis, I am not as kind to myself as perhaps I should be.” ~ Juliana Costa-Veysey 

“I return to Oxford ready to evangelise about Villa Vergiliana and all it represents, and sincerely hope to return, this time bringing a school party so I can share with my pupils and colleagues what I have experienced. ” ~ Hannah Murray

“The guidance of Leon Herman has shown us the method of guiding students into and around the past.  His technique of tempting the student with imagination through use of ancient sources is impressive and a worthwhile skill that I intend to follow, whatever period of study. ” ~ Ben Lovett

“Tomorrow I will go home, and back at school I will tell my fellow teachers about the Villa Vergiliana. We will try to work out some plan to involve a study trip in our program of internationalization at our school. I really hope this will be possible. ” ~ Marian Heesen

“The villa is a study center where teachers and students can work together. Not only by reading and listening (although that is quite basic and important too …) but also by painting, drama, making frescoes, and having discussions.” ~Leon Hermann